High School Program of Studies

Dropping/Adding Courses

Courses dropped after the first three weeks will result in a grade of “F” unless the decision to drop is based upon a teacher recommendation. A class dropped before the end of the school year may not be taken as a repeat course in summer school. If a student drops a course during the school year and wishes to take the course in summer school, he must take the course as a new course. New courses may not be added after the third week of school except upon recommendation by teacher or placement team. Students changing class levels (i.e. from honors to regular) will have their grade transferred to the new class.

High School Credit Taken at Middle School

Grades and credits earned in middle school for high school credit-bearing courses will count toward graduation credits and will be calculated in the high school GPA unless a “Request to Omit Grade and Credit for High School Courses” is filed under the provision of the Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia (8 VAC 20-131-90) and Frederick County Public Schools regulations.

Omitting Credit for High School Courses

Requests to omit grades and credit for a high school course taken in middle school must be submitted to the high school principal prior to the first student day of the student’s ninth grade year. When parents do not opt to omit a grade and credit and the student proceeds to the next course in sequence, parents may appeal to the high school principal during the first month of school that the student be returned to the prerequisite class if it becomes apparent that further preparation is needed for success in the more advanced course.

If the parent wishes, a student who took a high school credit class while enrolled as a middle school student may re-enroll in the course for which a grade and credit were deleted. If the student’s deleted final grade is an “A” or a “B” with a passing score on the accompanying SOL test (if applicable), he/she may proceed to the next level course without grade or credit for a prerequisite class. Students with a deleted final grade lower than a “B–” or without a passing score on the SOL test (if applicable) must re-enroll in and successfully complete the prerequisite course.

Further information and forms for this request will be available through middle and high school guidance offices.

Earning College Credit While in High School; Transferable Dual Enrollment Credit

Opportunities exist for students at our three high schools and Dowell J. Howard Center to earn transferable college credit for approved college-level courses. Through a partnership with both Lord Fairfax Community College and Shenandoah University, students may earn college credit while in high school. Dual Enrollment course offerings vary at each site based on teacher credentials. Dual Enrollment courses are generally transferable to Virginia community colleges as well as state universities. However, students should check with their prospective colleges and/or individual college programs to verify that the college will accept dual enrollment credit. These dual enrolled courses offer college-level material. Students should expect a challenging curriculum and extensive assignments, mirroring those opportunities found in the respective college courses taken on campus. Dual enrollment credit taken in our high schools is offered at a reduced cost. Students will be responsible for their own college tuition.

Other College Credit

Students may earn college credit toward an Associates Degree in Applied Science at Lord Fairfax Community College or other Virginia community colleges for certain Career and Technical Education courses. Students also may earn credit for Career Studies courses leading to certifications in certain Career and Technical Education programs.

Grade-level Promotion

Students entering the ninth grade for the first time who do not earn the required number of credits will not be promoted to the next grade and must meet graduation requirements including verified units of credit. See the Student and Parent Information booklet.

Remediation Courses

Students who fail SOL tests or who fail to demonstrate satisfactory progress in an SOL tested course may be required to participate in specific remediation courses.

Repeating Courses

High school students may repeat a course taken in grades 9–12 only for skill improvement. Repeating a course will be permitted with the authorization of the school principal when additional skill development is needed to proceed in a specific course sequence within a discipline. Re-enrollment in a class is reserved for those cases in which inadequate preparation is evident. Requests to repeat a course will not be honored after the end of the first semester following completion of that course. The student’s transcript will reflect that the course was repeated; however, only the higher grade will be used for computing the cumulative grade point average.

If a high school course taken at middle school is omitted from the transcript and the course is repeated in high school, only the grade earned in high school will be included in the calculation of GPA for determining Valedictorian and Salutatorian status.

Diplomas and Certificates

Requirements vary depending on the type of diploma or certificate.