Middle School Program of Studies

Information in this Program of Studies is subject to change pending state and local board action. All courses described in this booklet will be offered pending adequate enrollment, teaching staff, and available funding.

The middle school program for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students provides a gradual transition from the self-contained elementary classroom structure to the departmentalized structure of the high school. All middle school students are assigned to an interdisciplinary team for language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. Health and physical education are required each year. 

Opportunities to select courses increase during the middle school years. Sixth grade students may select up to six exploratory courses from the options described. In the seventh and eighth grades, a student may select two periods of semester or year-long electives. Parents and students should choose courses that will allow students to explore a variety of electives.

Course selection takes place in the spring. A copy of this booklet will be made available to each student with a scheduling form. Final student schedules are printed in mid-summer. Schedule changes require written parental permission; schedule changes also are dependent upon availability of staff and space.

SOL Testing

Students in middle school are tested on the Standards of Learning as a part of the Virginia state testing program to determine school accreditation and annual yearly progress under the No Child Left Behind legislation. Sixth and seventh grade students are tested in Reading and Mathematics. Eighth grade students are tested in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Civics and Science. Curricula in these areas have been aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning. Students who require additional assistance in order to be successful will participate in Academic Review/Resource classes.