School Board Meeting Budget Update - March 21, 2017

The School Board held a budget worksession during its meeting on March 21, 2017. During the worksession, Executive Director of Finance Patty Camery and Schools Superintendent David Sovine provided an overview of the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget based on the budget advertised for a public hearing by the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. Mrs. Camery noted that based on the budget advertised by the Board of Supervisors, the school division would receive $2,852,935 in additional local funds for the School Operating Fund. That figure includes a transfer of $617,478 from the Debt Service Fund to the School Operating Fund.  

Mrs. Camery reviewed the items recommended to be funded in the School Operating Fund by the Superintendent as well as those items recommended to be cut from the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget. The items recommended for funding include a 2.5 percent division average salary increase (step movement for all employees), a 2.5 percent salary increase for supplemental positions (these positions have had no pay increase since 2009), maintain the current health insurance rates and offerings for employees, 15 new positions (13 school-based and two department-based) and an increase in occupational therapy services to meet increased needs. The items recommended to be cut from the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget include targeted salary enhancements, five positions, three school buses, the removal of funding for two recurring buses currently in the School Operating Fund, and funds to address preventative maintenance needs. 

Mrs. Camery reported the Capital Projects Fund will total $3,088,287 based on the budget advertised by the Board of Supervisors. Items recommended for funding in the Capital Projects Fund include 10 school buses; fleet cars and a service truck; student and staff devices, projectors and expanded WAN; a roof replacement at Redbud Run Elementary School; a cooling tower replacement at Bass-Hoover Elementary School; general maintenance-painting at various schools; playground replacement at Armel Elementary School and NREP; replacing the PA systems at Sherando High School and James Wood Middle School; and safety and security upgrades at the middle schools.  The items recommended be cut from the Capital Projects Fund include three school buses, two vehicles and replacement playground equipment.  

By consensus, the Board asked Dr. Sovine to have staff provide additional details at a future budget worksession about the items recommended for funding as well as those items recommended to be cut.