Portrait of a Graduate/Strategic Planning

Frederick County Public Schools is undertaking an effort in 2018-19 to develop a Portrait of a Graduate and update the school division’s Strategic Plan. The work is being done through a collaborative process that engages parents, students, business leaders, Frederick County citizens as well as teachers and FCPS staff. EdLeader21 and Battelle for Kids are facilitating the work of the Strategic Plan Portrait Design Team. The team’s work will include developing a Portrait of a Graduate which will describe the knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes that all FCPS students must attain in order to be successful in whatever they choose to pursue following graduation from high school.  

After developing the Portrait of a Graduate, the Strategic Plan Portrait Design Team will work together to update the school division’s strategic plan. At the end of the process, Frederick County Public Schools will have a forward-thinking strategic plan that includes measurable objectives and action steps and that will push the school division and the community it serves forward in ways that will help ensure that every student is prepared to be successful in college and/or the workforce and to be “life ready.”

Project Updates