2019-2025 Strategic Plan Adopted - May 21, 2019

The Frederick County School Board adopted the 2019-2025 Strategic Plan "Inspire 2025: A Promise for Progress" during its meeting on May 21, 2019. The plan includes a new Vision and Mission for Frederick County Public Schools.


An innovative community where caring relationships and authentic learning inspire all students.


The FCPS community nurtures all learners to realize their dreams and aspirations through:
  • Meaningful and engaging learning experiences
  • A collective responsibility for continuous growth
  • Embracing a culture of diversity and inclusiveness
  • Fostering and supporting innovative ideas that challenge conventional thinking
  • A commitment to forward-thinking learning environments

Portrait of a Graduate

Inspire 2025: A Promise for Progress also outlines Frederick County Public Schools Portrait of a Graduate and addresses four priority areas: Student Success, Culture, Strategic Partnerships and High Quality Staff.

Goal 1: Student Success

FCPS promises each and every student learning experiences grounded in high expectations, personalized to student needs and interests, tailored to inspire passion and challenge thinking, and backed by necessary learning supports today, so that each and every student is ready to pursue the dreams and opportunities of tomorrow.

Goal 2: Culture

FCPS is a learning organization where students and staff thrive in safe, supportive, nurturing environments, motivated by a culture of continuous growth so that each and every student becomes a contributing citizen in our global society.

Goal 3: Strategic Partnerships

FCPS will support students and staff through meaningful, authentic learning experiences and a focus on overall well-being by cultivating strategic, purposeful partnerships with community members, organizations and families.

Goal 4: High Quality Staff

FCPS will be recognized as the preferred school community for individuals who are high achieving, compassionate, committed to continuous improvement, and are inspired and inspire others.