Instructions To Create a New Account in SmartFind Express

Due to the transition to a new employee management system, all FCPS employees (except bus drivers and bus aides) must create a new account in SmartFind Express before entering any absence. Those who have created a new account since December 11, 2017, do not need to take any additional action.

To create a new account, follow these instructions (please read through the instructions before calling):
  • Call 540-665-1609 (If the line is busy, please call again later.  There are a limited number of lines available to handle the creation of new PINs)
  • Enter your Access ID # (Your employee ID number minus the 5000 at the beginning. Example: If your employee ID number is 500012345, you will enter 12345) and hit the * key
  • When prompted for your PIN, enter your current Access ID # again (Your employee ID number minus the 5000 at the beginning) and hit the * key
  • When prompted, state your name and hit the * key
  • Listen to your recorded name and press 1 to accept the recording
  • Create a PIN by entering 6 digits of your choice (you may keep your current PIN, but must go through the process of creating a new account) and hit the * key
  • Press 1 to verify the PIN
  • Press 9 to Exit