Robert E. Aylor Middle School Replacement

The replacement of Robert E. Aylor Middle School is the top priority on the Frederick County Public Schools’ 2019-2023 Capital Improvements Plan. The replacement school is scheduled to open in August 2021. It has not yet been determined whether the replacement school will be constructed at the site of the current school or another location.  

Although the project initially appeared on the Capital Improvements Plan as an addition and renovation, the School Board elected to include replacing Aylor Middle School on the 2019-2023 Capital Improvements Plan that was adopted in November 2017. A Condition Assessment Report for the facility that was completed by OWPR Architects and Engineers in September 2017 found that 50 percent of site elements, 82 percent of plumbing components, 85 percent of HVAC systems, 52 percent of finishes and 73 percent of electrical components in the school have reached their average useful life. Since the estimated cost of renovating the school exceeds 75 percent of the cost of building a replacement, the School Board has elected to replace the facility.  

Project Timeline

The Robert E. Aylor Middle School addition and renovation first appeared on the Frederick County Public Schools 2004-2009 Capital Improvements Plan. In November 2017, the School Board elected to change the project from an addition and renovation project to a replacement. According to the 2019-2023 Capital Improvements Plan, construction of the replacement school would begin in May 2019. The new school would open in August 2021.  

School Design

The replacement Robert E. Aylor Middle School will be designed once funds have been appropriated for the project. It is likely the school’s design will be similar to that of Frederick County Middle School and include collaborative learning spaces.