School Board Meeting Budget Update - March 20, 2018

Executive Director of Finance Patty Camery provided the School Board with an update on the FY19 budget during the Board’s meeting on March 20, 2018. Mrs. Camery noted that the General Assembly session ended on March 10 without a budget being adopted. She added the General Assembly will reconvene for a special session on April 11 in hopes of reaching a budget compromise.  

Mrs. Camery stated that local revenue totaling $83,809,674 would be appropriated to the School Operating Fund provided the school division receives a 57 percent share of the additional revenue generated by the one cent real estate tax increase that’s included in the county budget that’s been advertised for public hearing. Mrs. Camery noted that depending on the budget approved by the Board of Supervisors and the state budget that wins final approval, the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget may have to be cut by $214,391 to $1,311,540.  

Mrs. Camery also shared that the budget advertised by the Board of Supervisors does not include the additional $2.7 million requested by the Superintendent for the Capital Projects Fund. Those one-time funds would be used for highest priorities needs including HVAC systems at James Wood High School and Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School, roof replacement at the Dowell J. Howard Center and the James Wood High School athletic building, safety improvements to Route 522 at the entrance to the Gainesboro Elementary School/Frederick County Middle School campus, fire alarm replacement at Bass-Hoover Elementary School as well as technology displays and general maintenance.  

Mrs. Camery added that the Board of Supervisors has denied Dr. Sovine’s request that $1.4 million be transferred from the Debt Service Fund to the School Operating Fund in FY19. The request was made because debt payments will decrease by $1.4 million in FY19.