School Board Meeting Budget Update - April 5, 2018

Executive Director of Finance Patty Camery provided the School Board with an update on the FY19 budget during the Board’s meeting on April 5, 2018. Mrs. Camery shared that the Frederick County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to adopt the county’s budget on April 11. On that same date, the General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene for a special session to complete work on the state budget. The School Board is scheduled to adopt its budget on April 17.  

Mrs. Camery noted that once the state budget is finalized, the State Superintendent for Public Instruction has 15 days following adjournment of the General Assembly to submit the Basic Aid Formula for budgetary purposes to localities.  Due to the uncertainty with the state budget, Mrs. Camery said the school budget presented to the School Board for consideration on April 17 will be based upon the House of Delegates’ version of the state budget which provided more state revenue to the school division. The difference in revenue the school division would receive between the House of Delegate’s version of the state budget and the State Senate’s version will be noted on a state contingency line item.  

Mrs. Camery also reported that the revenue the school division was expecting to receive should the county’s proposed one cent tax increase be approved has been removed from the proposed school budget because any revenue that would be realized as a result of the proposed tax increase has not been allocated to the school division. Mrs. Camery added that the requested transfer of $1.4 million from the School Debt Service Fund to the School Operating Fund has been removed from the proposed school budget because the Board of Supervisors has denied the transfer.  

Mrs. Camery noted that projected revenue for the School Operating Fund is currently projected to be between $168,781,962 and $169,320,680 depending on the version of the state budget that is approved. She added the budget shortfall in the School Operating Fund will be between $784,391 and $1,323,109 depending on the state budget that is adopted. 

Mrs. Camery also stated that funding for the $2.7 million requested for the School Capital Projects Fund was not included in the county’s budget that was advertised for public hearing. However, she shared the county has requested additional information about that request in recent days, but it remains unknown whether the request will be funded.