School Board Meeting Budget Update - April 17, 2018

During the School Board meeting on April 17, 2018, the Board adopted the FY19 budget.  The School Operating Fund is projected to receive $4,092,619 in additional revenue from state, federal, and miscellaneous sources and $4,483,566 in additional funds from the county.  The exact amount of state funding that will be made available to the school division remains unknown because the General Assembly is still working to finalize the state budget.  

The additional revenue will cover $778,493 in rising costs to sustain current operations, including a 6.2 percent health insurance premium increase. Additional funds will provide for a divisionwide average 2.5 percent salary increase plus the enhancement of certain pay scales based on market analysis.  The salary initiative, including the divisionwide step increase and targeted enhancement of certain scales costs $4,250,074.  

The additional funds appropriated for the operating budget will support 36 new full-time equivalent positions including 28 school-based and eight support department positions.  The estimated cost of the new positions is $1,925,900.  Funds are also included to implement an elementary alternative education program and provide additional support for professional development, special education, and career and technical education.  In addition, $763,900 is included in the proposed budget to support critical department needs in the areas of facilities services and information technology.  

A total of $538,718 has been reserved in the budget should the State Senate’s version of the state budget be adopted by the General Assembly.  If the House of Delegates’ version of the state budget is adopted, the $538,718 will be available to use toward new staffing positions, facilities services and/or replacement school buses.

The FY19 Capital Projects Fund totals $2.3 million which is less than the $2.7 million requested in the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget.  The items cut in the Capital Projects Fund totaled $330,000 and included classroom displays and general maintenance-painting.