Preparation for College Entrance Examinations

Students score more successfully on college entrance examinations if they have prepared themselves adequately by taking academically rigorous course work. Students who plan to take the SAT, ACT, or other college entrance examinations should enroll in college preparatory courses and Advanced Placement courses. SAT preparation programs are available from each high school. Students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges and universities from a community college may be required to take the SAT, ACT, or other college entrance examinations.​

Advanced Placement Testing

Frederick County high schools offer Advanced Placement courses in a variety of disciplines. Students who score successfully on the College Board Advanced Placement tests may earn college credit from colleges and universities participating in the Advanced Placement program. The Department of Education will reimburse all or part of the cost of the Advanced Placement test fees for qualifying low income students who enroll in an Advanced Placement class and take the Advanced Placement Exam. Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should see their guidance counselor.

Distance Learning

James Wood High School, Millbrook High School and Sherando High School offer several opportunities for students to earn additional credits through distance learning. Options include the study of Chinese, the Virginia Virtual Advanced Placement Program and other online study opportunities. Students should see their guidance counselors for more information.