Standards of Learning Testing

Information in this Program of Studies is subject to change pending state and local board action. All courses described in this booklet will be offered pending adequate enrollment, teaching staff, and available funding.

Standards of Learning Tests (SOL):

All students will be tested on the Virginia Standards of Learning in English, mathematics, science and social studies. Curricula in these areas are aligned with Standards of Learning. Students must earn verified units of credit by passing the course, the Standards of Learning tests or Board approved substitute tests. Students must pass six Standards of Learning tests (two in English, one in mathematics, one in science, one in social studies and one of their own choosing) to earn a Standard Diploma. To earn an Advanced Studies Diploma, students must pass nine Standards of Learning tests (two in English, two in mathematics, two in science, and two in social studies, and one of their own choosing). In special cases the Frederick County School Board may award locally verified units of credit. Students should see their guidance counselor for details. Students receiving special education services who are seeking a Modified Standard Diploma must meet benchmarks on the Eighth Grade Reading and Mathematics Standards of Learning tests or pass a higher level SOL test in the same content areas. 

Substitute SOL Tests: 

The Virginia Board of Education has approved certain nationally standardized tests as substitute tests for the SOL tests. Students and parents should be aware of the risks in using the substitute tests for earning verified units of credit. If a student delays taking an SOL test in order to take one of the approved substitute tests at a later date and fails to submit a passing score on the approved substitute test by his graduation date, his graduation may be delayed pending submission of a passing score on the substitute test. A list of approved substitute tests and additional information are available from your guidance counselor. 

Verified Units of Credit and CTE Courses: 

Students who complete a career and technical education program sequence may substitute a certificate, occupational competency credential or license for a student select and a science or history and social science verified unit of credit in accordance with the Standards of Accreditation.