Industrial Maintenance Technology Academy - CTE

IMTA is taught at Lord Fairfax Community College. Competitive applications will be accepted in the school division office of Career and Technical Education. Two students from each high school will be selected (by committee) to attend the academy based on their application. Transportation is provided from each high school. Students will ride the Governor’s school bus and return to their home high school each day.

At the successful completion of this one-year academy, in addition to high school credit, students will earn 31 college credits and complete a career Studies Certificate in EPA, CFC, and Electricity. All applicants must have met all graduation requirements and must take the senior level English and Government.

IMTA prepares students for living-wage jobs in our community. Students learn skills in HVAC, hydraulics and pneumatics, and electricity that will allow them to work in the engineering department in a large building or industrial facility. Students will also learn skills related to a variety of industrial safety regulations; the use of calipers and micrometers and math conversions for precision measuring/quality control; practice drawing and interpreting technical drawings.

Students will successfully master all course competencies and upon successful completion of this one-year academy, will be Career and Technical Education Completers in Industrial Maintenance Technician I and Industrial Maintenance Technician II.

The High School Industry Credentialing initiative encourages students to work toward a selected industry credential or state license while pursuing a high school diploma. The Virginia Department of Education evaluates on an on-going basis industry credentials against prescribed criteria for graduation requirements for the Standard Diploma (8VAC20-131-50.B) and student-selected verified credit (8VAC20-131-110.C). Credentialing exams are available to any student taking a Career and Technical Education course.

8575 and 8576 (Non) 5 credits (After completion of both courses)
31 College Credits/Lord Fairfax Community College
Duration: 36 weeks
Grade Level: 12
GPA: 2.5 or better and Algebra I

Applicants must have met all requirements for graduation and must take Government and English their senior year. Applicants must have successfully completed one (or more) of the following:
  • Applied Agriculture Concepts (8073)
  • Metal Fabrication and Emerging Technologies (8019)
  • Agricultural Structural Systems (8017)
  • Technical Drawing and Design (8435)
  • Engineering (8450 or 8491)
  • Electronics (8412 or 8416)
  • Manufacturing (8425 or 8427)
  • Automotive Technology (8506, 8507, or 8508)
  • Electricity (8533 or 8534)
  • Carpentry (8601 or 8602)
  • Building Trades (8515 or 8516)