GPA Calculation Policy

  1. Grade Point Averages (GPA) will be calculated using a 4-point scale (A=4.0; B=3.0; C=2.0; D=1.0; F=0) to determine class rank. The cumulative GPA will be increased by (0.05) quality points for each Advanced Placement or approved College Dual-enrolled course successfully completed by the student. Approved College Dual-enrolled courses may only include English/literature, mathematics, sciences, and history/social science. Dual-enrolled career and technical and/or applied sciences courses are not eligible for additional quality points. Other accelerated coursework, including but not limited to International Baccalaureate, Cambridge or certain Governor's School courses, may also be considered for additional quality points, as approved by the School Board.

  2. Students may be eligible for consideration for valedictory or salutatory status by GPA/class rank after having completed requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma and at least two Advanced Placement or approved College Dual-enrolled courses.  

  3. Students enrolled in an approved online course of study shall be graded in accordance with Policy 316P, Instruction – Evaluation and Grade Assignment and Regulation 316R-A, Instruction – Evaluation and Grade Assignment. Approval of online course enrollment rests with the principal.
  4. The “O, S and N” scale may be used for middle school English Language Learners who are working at lower proficiency levels.
  5. Middle and high school achievement grades shall not include conduct or attitude grades. Commendations or concerns regarding work habits or behaviors should be noted as comments on the student report card.
  6. Students transferring from home instruction or a non-public school without accreditation from a regional agency may receive credit for courses under procedures established by the school division. Courses approved for transfer will be recorded as "P," for passing and will not be calculated into the student's grade point average.