Other Course Options

Peer Tutoring Elective

No Credit
Grades: 9–12
Prerequisite: Eligible students must apply, be interviewed by course instructor and be accepted to participate before enrolling in the course.

The in-school tutoring program is designed to provide students with academic assistance from peer tutors during study halls, before and after school, and regular class periods. Peer tutors receive an overview of the peer tutoring program, participate in an orientation, keep records of tutoring sessions and learn basic information in learning theory. A notation of this service will be placed on the student’s cumulative record. Assignment as a peer tutor in the Special Education program will meet the seven credit requirement if peer tutoring occurs during a class period. Placement in the Special Education program requires an application and possible interview.

Foundations for SOL Success

Reading/English Focus
116501/1165M/1165R (SOLREAD/ENG)

Writing Focus
151501/151502 (SOL WRT)

Mathematics Focus
319901/319902 (SOL MATH)

Social Studies Focus
299601/299602 (SOL SOC ST)

Science Focus
46101/46102 (SOL SCI)

½ Credit per semester for a total of one credit per year per course (each course may be taken twice during a school year and repeated in subsequent years as appropriate.)
Grades: 9–12
Prerequisite: Teacher/Administrative placement

These courses are designed to provide support for students in the focus areas of reading, mathematics and writing as assessed on the Standards of Learning tests. Students receive additional instruction and review content and concepts in the specific focus area(s) needing further development. A variety of instructional strategies are used to address students’ individual needs. Students needing remediation should take Foundations for SOL Success.

Student Office/Department Assistant

89100 (ST OFF ASST)
No Credit
Grade: 12
Prerequisite: Accepted application

This assignment provides selected senior students with an opportunity to participate in community service to the school on a regular basis. Students must apply, be interviewed by their prospective supervisor and be accepted by that supervisor. Areas available for student office/department assistants include: administrative office, guidance office, library, and departmental offices and programs. Students who are office assistants must be enrolled for the full day. Assignment as a student office assistant will meet the seven credit requirement.