Omitting Credit for High School Courses

Requests to omit grades and credit for a high school course taken in middle school must be submitted to the high school principal prior to the first student day of the student's ninth grade year. When parents do not opt to omit a grade and credit and the student proceeds to the next course in sequence, parents may appeal to the high school principal during the first month of school that the student be returned to the prerequisite class if it becomes apparent that further preparation is needed for success in the more advanced course.

If the parent wishes, a student who took a high school credit class while enrolled as a middle school student may re-enroll in the course for which a grade and credit were deleted. If the student’s deleted final grade is an “A” or a “B” with a passing score on the accompanying SOL test (if applicable), he/she may proceed to the next level course without grade or credit for a prerequisite class. Students with a deleted final grade lower than a “B–” or without a passing score on the SOL test (if applicable) must re-enroll in and successfully complete the prerequisite course.

Further information and forms for this request will be available through middle and high school guidance offices.