Guidelines for Placement of Students in Honors/AP/Dual Enrollment Classes (2019-20)

Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled classes are designed for students who wish to accelerate their high school course of study to include courses that may be taken for college credit. Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled courses are faster paced classes that require in-depth analysis and synthesis of subject matter. Students attempting an Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled class at the high school level should have strong study habits. 

Students should have earned at least a “C” in an Honors course in the same curriculum area at the high school in a previous year. Students coming from the middle school gifted program with a strong academic record in the curriculum area should consider the Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled courses. 

Any student wishing to enter the Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled program at the high school should meet the following criteria as applicable: 
  • SOL scaled score of 400 (Pass/Proficient) on related SOL test (scaled score of 500 Pass/Advanced is recommended). A higher score may be recommended in certain content areas.
  • Standardized test scores (90th percentile or above)
  • Past grades in curriculum area (“A” or “B” recommended) 
  • Teacher recommendation (if available)
  • Conference with parents, student, counselor, principal, department head, or course instructor 
Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled courses are available to all students; however, parents and students should be aware of the nature of these courses and that inadequate preparation for Honors/AP/Dual Enrolled level course content may limit a student’s success in the course. Students should be prepared to accept rigorous course requirements.