Mountain Vista Governor's School

Mountain Vista Academic-Year Governor’s School for Science, Mathematics, and Technology is a three-year regional program for academically talented and highly motivated students in grades ten through twelve from seven area school divisions. The mission of Mountain Vista Governor’s School is to present a research-based, technology-enhanced, integrated program in mathematics, science, and the humanities. The program will challenge students to reach their full potential as independent thinkers capable of assuming leadership roles in a constantly changing global society. Less than two percent of the students in the division are selected to participate in the Mountain Vista Governor’s School. The Governor’s School Seal will be awarded to students that have successfully completed Mountain Vista Governor’s School.

Mountain Vista Governor’s School Curriculum

Frederick County students maintain a connection with their home high school by taking classes at Mountain Vista Academic-Year Governor’s School from 7:30–11:00 a.m. at the Lord Fairfax Community College campus in Middletown, VA, then returning to their home high school for lunch and afternoon classes. Students are required to take a mathematics, science, humanities and research course while at Mountain Vista Governor’s School. The interdisciplinary curriculum design of Mountain Vista Governor’s School challenges students to construct a highly integrated understanding of mathematics and designated sciences.

Selection Process

Students are selected to attend Mountain Vista Governor’s School through a rigorous application/screening process. The application process includes review of the following components:
  • Student’s transcript showing the rigor of the courses taken.
  • Credit for Algebra II and a minimum of one science credit at the completion of the ninth grade school year.
  • Three recommendations from the student’s current or previous year’s teachers—one recommendation from a mathematics teacher, a second recommendation from a science teacher and a final recommendation from either an English teacher or a social studies teacher.
  • Completion of an essay as part of the application process.
  • A standardized ability test will be given to all applicants.
Students will be notified of their status near the end of April. Applications are available through guidance offices at the high schools, online, and through the office of the Supervisor of Gifted Services and Libraries at the Administration Building during January and February.