FCPS SSO New Staff Initial Login/Setup Instructions

Outlined below are the steps that a NEW to FCPS staff member should follow for initial setup of their SSO credentials. Once the NEW to FCPS staff member has viewed the 567R appropriate use video or read the policy and signed off on the document, they can be provided with their username and initial password.

The first step is to have the staff member locate and log in to an Internet accessible device. This can be a personally owned computer or phone, or they can be provided access temporarily to an FCPS device. If the device is FCPS owned, they should be logged in to guest or kiosk mode and an incognito Chrome browser tab opened to complete the steps below.

Steps to login and setup SSO credentials:

Frederick County Public Schools Single Sign-on Portal

Go to https://sso.frederick.k12.va.us
Enter the username (User ID only, @fcpsk12.net is not needed)
Enter the initial password
Click the Login button

The staff member will be notified that their password is expired and prompted to change it from the default. They cannot continue until they set a new password. Minimum password length is 8 characters. While there are no special character, number or capital letter requirements they are acceptable.

Once the password is successfully changed, they will then need to load the sso portal in a web browser and will be prompted to enroll in IVS, this is not optional. If IVS enrollment does not automatically start, they can click the ‘Setup IVS’ icon at the bottom of the SSO landing page.

Password Reset Enrollment screen shot. Select a question to answer. Enter an answer to the question.

2. You may use Google Authenticator as a verification option. When you see the screen below, scan the displayed QR code with your personal device, which will then provide you with a code to enter in the field shown here.

Single Sign on portal screen shot

3. You can also create a 4-digit pin as a verification option.

Password Reset Enrollment screen shot. Enter user pin.

5. You can also enter a personal email as a verification option. This step is optional.

Password Reset Enrollment screen shot. Enter a personal email address.

6. If you are satisfied with your answers, select "Save Answers." Or, select "Start Over" to go back to Step 1.

Enrollment Summary to review answers to verification options.

7. After you save your answers, you will be redirected to the SSO Portal.

Enrollment screen shot. Verify answers.

The setup is now complete! Within 5 minutes the password set previously will be synced up to Google and both of those passwords will match. Once synced, the staff member can login and access Google resources as needed.