Gifted Independent Study

011501 (GIFTIND 1ST) 
011502 (GIFTIND 2ND)
½ Credit
Grades: 11–12
Prerequisite: Student must be eligible for gifted academic services

This semester elective which students can take both semesters in eleventh and twelfth grades is designed to help meet the needs of gifted high school students by providing opportunities to assess career choices through mentorship experiences, self-assessment exercises, and career exploration activities. Students are matched with community professionals to complete in-depth study for a minimum of 55 hours per semester; students must also complete 20 hours of classroom instruction. Students are released from school to attend site and must provide their own transportation. A maximum of two credits may be earned by taking this course. Students wishing to take GIS for more than one semester will be served pending space availability. Students will receive a workbase learning designation as a career mentorship upon successful completion of this semester course.