Math and Reading Family Videos

Our Math and Reading Family Videos are intended to help families assist their elementary children with practicing skills while at home. These short videos focus on math and reading concepts for students at a variety of grade levels. They are not a replacement for the learning provided by classroom teachers, but are meant to enhance or review skills children and families can practice together. For questions, contact Angie White at


Card Game Variation

These card games are variations of a classic game that can be played to practice comparing numbers, addition, subtraction or multiplication.

Close to 100

Close to 100 is a card game that challenges students to create 2 two-digit numbers that have a sum closest to 100.

Hit the Target

Hit the Target is an addition and subtraction card game that provides students an opportunity to further develop their knowledge of numbers/quantities.

Hopscotch Skip Counting Multiples

Hopscotch is an engaging physical activity that, when combined with different number sequences, can also be a great learning activity.

Playing Make 10

Make 10 is an easy to learn card game that teaches children how to make different combinations of 10 using addition.


5 Finger Retell: A Comprehension Strategy for a Fiction Story

Retelling a story allows students to learn to organize story elements and describe story events which enhances reading comprehension.

Word Attack Strategies

Word Attack strategies provide ways for students to figure out words that may be tricky while reading.

Word Attack Strategies for Longer Words

Figuring out longer words is important for students while reading. It’s more than being able to “sound it out.”