FCPS Rapid Communication System

Frederick County Public Schools’ Rapid Communication System will be used to contact parents/guardians and school division employees via telephone, e-mail and text message to notify them of emergencies that may cause a school to evacuate, relocate or lockdown. The system also will be used to inform parents/guardians and staff when school schedules are impacted by inclement weather. Individual schools may use the system to communicate information to their school community.

In order for the FCPS Rapid Communication System to be effective, Frederick County Public Schools must have accurate contact information for all parents/guardians. Without current contact information, the system will not be able to make the necessary contacts in the event of an emergency. Whenever a parent or guardian’s home phone number, cell phone number or e-mail address changes, they should notify their child’s school so the information can be updated.

Every parent/guardian who has a child attending Frederick County Public Schools will automatically receive messages through the FCPS Rapid Communication System. Parents/guardians and eligible students must annually notify the office of the student’s school in writing if they do not want to receive messages via the FCPS Rapid Communication System. Such notification will remain in effect through the end of the current school year and must be renewed annually.