How Citizens Can Share Their Views

Citizens can have a powerful impact on actions taken in the General Assembly. By sharing their views with their representatives, citizens can influence public policy.

When communicating with legislators, remember the following:
  • Advocate strongly for your position, but be polite, respectful and reasonable
  • Become informed about the issue. Make your communications accurate, constructive and suggest solutions or better alternatives
  • Tell the story about how the proposed legislation will impact your child’s school and/or community
  • Don’t assume that legislators understand all of the details associated with an issue or bill. Legislators have varied backgrounds and keep track of many issues in addition to public education. You may have to explain the situation, what you think and why
  • Include the bill number when communicating your views regarding a particular piece of legislation
  • Be brief, but do not sacrifice clarity or completeness. A one-page letter or brief e-mail on a single topic is best