Human Resources Staff

John Linaburg
Executive Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Rydholm
Assistant Director of Human Resources

To reach a member of the Human Resources staff, call 540-662-3889 and dial their direct extension.

General Information and Employee Changes


  • Kathy Fink, HR Analyst, ext. 88229
    • Jobs; Licensing; Experience & Employment Verification
  • Lisa Tri, HR Analyst, ext. 88110
    • Absence Management; Jobs
  • Nicole Donelan, HR Analyst, ext. 88228
    • Substitute Employment; Recruiting


  • Beverly Grant, HR Analyst, ext. 88155
    • Retirement; Life & Health Insurance Comp
  • Jessica Brown, HR Analyst, ext. 88168
    • FMLA; Sick Leave Bank; Workers' Comp