Career and Technical Education

Frederick County Public Schools recognizes the importance of Career and Technical Education (CTE) to help students prepare for successful careers through technical and workplace readiness skills instruction and work-based learning opportunities. CTE courses are offered to students in Grades 6 through 12 with career exploration opportunities available in middle and elementary school.

In Grade 7, students work with parents and counselors to prepare their Academic and Career Plans, a personal learning plan and course of study that aligns with the student's academic and career goals. These plans outline pathways to post-secondary opportunities as well as credentialing options

In Grades 9 through 12, students may take coherent sequences of courses in Career and Technical Education, many of which are dual enrolled with Lord Fairfax Community College. In addition, students may earn a variety of industry credentials including Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth, W!SE Financial Literacy, National Career Readiness Certificate and other pathway-specific credentials.

Post-secondary Education and Employment Data

View post secondary education and employment data published by the State Council of Higher Education.